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Katharine has always been drawn to music from a young girl through to adulthood. She is attracted to music with beautiful lyrics, and to music with rhythms that move her soul. In January 2009, within days of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the sudden death of her father, Katharine was invited to come to a Nia class. She was initially hesitant since dancing had never been a part of her life...but after one class she was hooked. Moving her body in her own way, freed up her mind, her body and her spirit. She found Joy in life, in living, in breathing, and in moving. In Nia there are no mistakes, and she loves to share how Nia has changed her life personally and professionally.

She dances everyday ~ to heal ~ as a mother, as a woman, as a student. Even in stillness, her body finds its way to movement. Come as you are...and move as you need to move. We are all looking for a moment, or a spark to heal our bodies, our minds and our spirits. At A Healing Way you will find this and much, much more.
Katharine Krul's Biography
~ Come as you are and
move as you need to move ~ 
Katharine Krul