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Katharine Krul opened her studio, A Healing Way, in December 2010, where she currently offers Nia classes to adults and children.  She also is a Reiki Level One Practitioner.  The studio is located in Georgetown South.

After handpicking the smallest of details, from paint colour to flooring, Katharine is excited for you to join her in the studio. Earth tones throughout will connect you to nature as you move in this space.

The floor is made from cork, and is both natural and comfortable because it is 50% air, and impact resistant. Katharine consciously selected cork because it is environmentally friendly and it is also hypoallergenic. 

A Healing Way is a beautiful studio space. May you sense and know that you are choosing a healing way to live your life when you come into this space.

~ there is healing
...on your very next breath ~